Food trends seem to change frequently, with popularity rising and falling in waves. A food stuff that appears to be ever-present can seemingly go out of fashion, disappearing from view.

Trends apply to ingredients, but also to styles of cooking. For a time, diners may be thrilled with thoughts of wonderful Spanish and Portuguese dishes. But, before long, they move on to exotic Asian choices, or reimagined versions of local dishes.

At present, grilled dishes are very much on the up. Grilling provides a relatively simple cooking technique, often involving fresh ingredients and delicious marinades. From fresh fish to juicy meat cuts and seasonal vegetables, grilling is well suited to all sorts of flavour combinations.

One reason behind this particular trend is the sense that grilling often represents a healthier alternative to frying. Typically needing less oil, there’s the opportunity to cook tasty meals, without increasing the calorie count.

But what about the specific dishes that are especially popular at the moment? There’s often an association with the summer months, exemplified by barbecue cooking exploits. Classic kebabs have retained popularity for quite some time now and remain a favourite. Flavour combinations might include chicken, peppers, courgettes and even cheeses. Simple to grill and perfect for garden parties, these delicious grilled dishes can really stand out.

The BBQ is one form of grilling, but what about the humble toaster? You might think that a toaster is unlikely to form the cooking basis of many dishes, but you’d be mistaken. It’s increasingly being used within commercial kitchens and a number of websites have emerged that seek to identify the best toasters for your own needs.

A toaster, it seems, is no longer just a toaster. When identifying the best toaster for your requirements, you’ll wish to consider the capacity (typically a 2-slice or 4-slice option), the range of features and the reliability of individual brands. In this sphere of toasting, as mentioned by Number67, there are some established brands in place. Kenwood toasters, for instance, appear to have a good, positive and long-standing reputation.

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