If you’re planning to broaden your culinary horizons in 2019, then look no further. Because here, for your consideration, are 10 food trends that are taking off this year, and which, crucially, are set to become much more than a mere flash in the frying pan. 

Ugly Fruit and Veg

As we collectively become more attuned to the amount of waste produced each year, misshapen fruit and veg has been utilised to create a range of different snacks. For instance, crisps made from misshapen vegetables are all the rage: the healthier and more sustainable option. A ‘rescue food’ trend that’s really catching on in 2019.

Sri Lankan

Whereas once we just went for an ‘Indian’ (which will, of course, never go out of fashion) discerning foodies everywhere are discovering the joys of Sri Lankan cuisine. What’s exciting is that there are more ways than ever to sample this invigorating style of cooking, with more and more Sir Lankan restaurants and street stalls springing up all the time. And the good news is it won’t break the bank, either. 

Meat Free

As you’ve no doubt already noticed, going veggie (or even vegan) is no longer reserved for a small minority. Instead, it’s going mainstream. What this means for many is that dining out veggie style is becoming much more common, with high quality vegetarian/vegan restaurants everywhere doing a roaring trade. So, even if you’re only cutting back on your meat intake, there’s a local eatery near you who’ll make sure you feel you’re not sacrificing anything. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Ice Cream

Summertime means getting out and about and, for many of us, getting an ice cream. But lately, ice cream has gotten something of a make-over. So, as well as all your much loved traditional flavours, why not try a cone flavoured by quality British fruits, like quince, pear or blackberry? Or, how about a Salted Caramel Swirl with Curried Nuts? The possibilities, it seems, are endless. 

Food Halls

If you haven’t checked out a Food Hall yet, now is the time. A large space in which you’ll find a range of world cuisines served fast and casually at great prices, the real joy of a Food Hall is the communal, convivial atmosphere. And as more of them spring up around the UK, they’re quickly becoming a place people set out to visit, as apposed to just grabbing a bite whilst doing their shopping. 


This is a cuisine hotly tipped to take off 2019 due an increasing number of Burmese restaurants opening, and the abundance of food critics who love the food. The key to its success are the many influences that give it such diverse and unique flavours: everything from Thai herbs, Indian spices and Chinese noodles. The national dish is a thick catfish stew, guaranteed to make it a night to remember. 


It’s safe to say the humble mushroom is enjoying something of a renaissance this year. High in antioxidants and packed full of nutrients, you’ll find them in everything from burgers, chocolate and coffee, and, if you’re really up for something new, cocktails. Meanwhile, chefs everywhere are exploring the possibilities, so if a pickled shroom sounds like a taste sensation you could really get behind, 2019 could be the year for you.


If you thought you knew honey, think again. Producers are creating exclusive, reginal flavours and some restaurants are even going as far as installing their own hives. The trick is to infuse the honey with a different flavour to create an exciting new taste: think chilli, lemon or cinnamon. Now think about it lavished on crusty artisan bread, served with coffee in the morning for a whole new take on breakfast. 


For years, Filipino food seemed unable to make it’s mark in the West, but recently all that seems to be changing. Big in the US last year, its made it’s way to the UK, much to the delight of those adventurous foodies who’ve given it a go. The country’s signature is a purple yam which features in donuts, ice-cream and brownies that are, quite simply, to die for. So, want to impress your friends? Now you know how. 

Canned Wine

If this sounds to your ears like a crime against good wine, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, this doesn’t alter the fact that canned wine is starting to take off here (the Americans, of course, have been drinking it for years). The idea for some drinks firms is to reduce waste by introducing cans which are recyclable and portable. So, if it still sounds like a step too far, to some a can of wine is perfect for a summer picnic or festival. Which does make a certain amount of sense, when you think about it. 

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