In 2013, glorious Penge in SE London got it’s first -for many years- ….Brewery!

Three years, 7 crafty boozers, over 400 batches of beer, and a lot of good times later, Late Knights has morphed…both in to the ether (was it just a mirage??!) and also into an exciting new phase.
It’s been a riot. What we loved the most was creating things that weren’t there before, be it jobs, beer or bustling vibes to empty spaces. We transformed an old slaughter house into a Brewery kicking out 100 casks a week and turned three empty bookies and three unused pubs into places where people could leave their house, drink tasty beer and chat to neighbours they didn’t know they had.

We dreamt up the big ideas and set the wheels turning but couldn’t have got anywhere without the brilliant people we found to work with….or who found us.  We loved involving young people especially because of their enthusiasm, caring and fresh perspectives, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who made LK such a brilliant time.  In return we hope to have given people support on the way to some really awesome places…be it running their own craft bars and vegan cafes, breweries or soda enterprises! We’re so proud of what people have gone on to do.

Community has always been the name of our game, bringing people together in the way that good friendly beer and good local pubs always have done. We’ll really miss all the incredible people we’ve met through the web of craft beer, both around the city and outside our front door, but we’re moving back to our natural habitat of the Sussex countryside to a space where we can really spread our wings.

We are now creating a brewery down on the farm that has the opportunity not only to become sustainable and regenerative environmentally, but to grow and experiment with our raw ingredients. …..quince ruby ale anyone?!?
We’re pub people too, so this of course is part of the plan, and as usual, to do as many different and exciting collaborations as we can.

So- onwards! Holler Boys Brewery is here.

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