The Great Grilling Surge

Food trends seem to change frequently, with popularity rising and falling in waves. A food stuff that appears to be ever-present can seemingly go out of fashion, disappearing from view.

Trends apply to ingredients, but also to styles of cooking. For a time, diners may be thrilled with thoughts of wonderful Spanish and Portuguese dishes. But, before long, they move on to exotic Asian choices, or reimagined versions of local dishes.

At present, grilled dishes are very much on the up. Grilling provides a relatively simple cooking technique, often involving fresh ingredients and delicious marinades. From fresh fish to juicy meat cuts and seasonal vegetables, grilling is well suited to all sorts of flavour combinations.

One reason behind this particular trend is the sense that grilling often represents a healthier alternative to frying. Typically needing less oil, there’s the opportunity to cook tasty meals, without increasing the calorie count.

But what about the specific dishes that are especially popular at the moment? There’s often an association with the summer months, exemplified by barbecue cooking exploits. Classic kebabs have retained popularity for quite some time now and remain a favourite. Flavour combinations might include chicken, peppers, courgettes and even cheeses. Simple to grill and perfect for garden parties, these delicious grilled dishes can really stand out.

The BBQ is one form of grilling, but what about the humble toaster? You might think that a toaster is unlikely to form the cooking basis of many dishes, but you’d be mistaken. It’s increasingly being used within commercial kitchens and a number of websites have emerged that seek to identify the best toasters for your own needs.

A toaster, it seems, is no longer just a toaster. When identifying the best toaster for your requirements, you’ll wish to consider the capacity (typically a 2-slice or 4-slice option), the range of features and the reliability of individual brands. In this sphere of toasting, as mentioned by Number67, there are some established brands in place. Kenwood toasters, for instance, appear to have a good, positive and long-standing reputation.

Getting A Great Deal When Eating Out

Eating out as a family comes with its challenges, especially if you have young kids who haven’t learned enough self-control yet. However, it has its own benefits. Nothing brings people closer together than a great meal in a nice venue. In a restaurant, no one will be in a rush to do their homework or to clean the house.

Everyone will be relaxed and will enjoy the company of their family members. Your uncontrolled kids will also need to learn how to enjoy a meal in public. That will not just help them adjust well to society- it will also encourage flexibility. At home, you may have trouble preparing different types of meals every day, but restaurants don’t have this problem. You can find almost all types of food in UK eateries, and these new tastes will help your kids appreciate new experiences. 

You now know why you need to eat out every now and then. But you probably don’t think you have enough money to dine in a nice restaurant. This is actually one of the reasons why many people never visit restaurants and public eateries. So, how can you afford to eat out when on a tight budget? 

1. Use Vouchers

Restaurants around the UK are in high competition. Many of them try to beat their competitors by implementing special offers with vouchers. You will usually be able to access these vouchers by visiting the official websites of the restaurants. Some vouchers can give you a percentage off while others will offer a fixed amount of money off your bill. It is important to note that many of these vouchers are time sensitive. That means you may have to subscribe to emails from your favourite restaurants. Alternatively, you can subscribe to newsletters of websites which compare special offers from restaurants across the UK. You will also be glad to learn of voucher code apps which use GPS technology to scan for offers in restaurants around you.

2. Skip Alcoholic Drinks

A can of beer can make your experience exceptional, but the drink will usually cost about the same as the food you are having. If you go to high-end restaurants, alcoholic drinks will even be more ridiculously priced. If you are looking for a good time regardless of the cost, then go ahead and order a bottle of your favourite champagne. However, if you are trying to keep your costs low, you should avoid such drinks. In many restaurants, alcoholic drinks are not covered by vouchers, probably because they are seen as luxury goods. That being said, some eateries offer a free glass of wine with specific meals. If you insist on having beer or hard liquor, you can wait for happy hour sessions. Another alternative would be to simply go to the bar afterwards as the drinks usually cost less in such places. 

3. Set Your Schedules Appropriately

Many restaurants in the UK offer discounts to people who eat in the early evening. This is because the eateries are usually empty in such hours. Also, people who visit restaurants in the early evening typically do not stay for long as they are in a hurry to get home or to other plans for the evening. These offers are usually available on weekdays. The only problem with eating in the early evening is that the offers are limited to specific meals. You may have to take what they offer or just pay the full price for a different meal.

4. Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Many eateries sell bottled water at unreasonable prices. If you are trying to save money, you should skip the bottled water and simply ask for tap water. If they misinterpret your request and bring you bottled water, don’t be afraid to send it back. 

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Birthday Offers

All businesses know that customers like to feel appreciated. Restaurants typically show their appreciation by offering discounted or even free meals on people’s birthdays. If you have a favourite eating spot, you can sign up to their newsletter and wait for such deals. You can avoid clogging your primary email address by creating a new one just for these deals. 


Eating out can be a great experience, especially if you are accompanied by friends and family members. You don’t need to avoid restaurants because of their high costs. As we have pointed out in this article, you can easily get great deals on your meals. You just need to look out for special offers, vouchers, and birthday discounts. You can also consider skipping the booze and bottled water. If you have a flexible schedule, you should visit restaurants in the early evening. At these times, the restaurants don’t expect you to stay for long, and they will be happy to give you a discount on the food.

Top 10 Food Trends For 2019

If you’re planning to broaden your culinary horizons in 2019, then look no further. Because here, for your consideration, are 10 food trends that are taking off this year, and which, crucially, are set to become much more than a mere flash in the frying pan. 

Ugly Fruit and Veg

As we collectively become more attuned to the amount of waste produced each year, misshapen fruit and veg has been utilised to create a range of different snacks. For instance, crisps made from misshapen vegetables are all the rage: the healthier and more sustainable option. A ‘rescue food’ trend that’s really catching on in 2019.

Sri Lankan

Whereas once we just went for an ‘Indian’ (which will, of course, never go out of fashion) discerning foodies everywhere are discovering the joys of Sri Lankan cuisine. What’s exciting is that there are more ways than ever to sample this invigorating style of cooking, with more and more Sir Lankan restaurants and street stalls springing up all the time. And the good news is it won’t break the bank, either. 

Meat Free

As you’ve no doubt already noticed, going veggie (or even vegan) is no longer reserved for a small minority. Instead, it’s going mainstream. What this means for many is that dining out veggie style is becoming much more common, with high quality vegetarian/vegan restaurants everywhere doing a roaring trade. So, even if you’re only cutting back on your meat intake, there’s a local eatery near you who’ll make sure you feel you’re not sacrificing anything. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Ice Cream

Summertime means getting out and about and, for many of us, getting an ice cream. But lately, ice cream has gotten something of a make-over. So, as well as all your much loved traditional flavours, why not try a cone flavoured by quality British fruits, like quince, pear or blackberry? Or, how about a Salted Caramel Swirl with Curried Nuts? The possibilities, it seems, are endless. 

Food Halls

If you haven’t checked out a Food Hall yet, now is the time. A large space in which you’ll find a range of world cuisines served fast and casually at great prices, the real joy of a Food Hall is the communal, convivial atmosphere. And as more of them spring up around the UK, they’re quickly becoming a place people set out to visit, as apposed to just grabbing a bite whilst doing their shopping. 


This is a cuisine hotly tipped to take off 2019 due an increasing number of Burmese restaurants opening, and the abundance of food critics who love the food. The key to its success are the many influences that give it such diverse and unique flavours: everything from Thai herbs, Indian spices and Chinese noodles. The national dish is a thick catfish stew, guaranteed to make it a night to remember. 


It’s safe to say the humble mushroom is enjoying something of a renaissance this year. High in antioxidants and packed full of nutrients, you’ll find them in everything from burgers, chocolate and coffee, and, if you’re really up for something new, cocktails. Meanwhile, chefs everywhere are exploring the possibilities, so if a pickled shroom sounds like a taste sensation you could really get behind, 2019 could be the year for you.


If you thought you knew honey, think again. Producers are creating exclusive, reginal flavours and some restaurants are even going as far as installing their own hives. The trick is to infuse the honey with a different flavour to create an exciting new taste: think chilli, lemon or cinnamon. Now think about it lavished on crusty artisan bread, served with coffee in the morning for a whole new take on breakfast. 


For years, Filipino food seemed unable to make it’s mark in the West, but recently all that seems to be changing. Big in the US last year, its made it’s way to the UK, much to the delight of those adventurous foodies who’ve given it a go. The country’s signature is a purple yam which features in donuts, ice-cream and brownies that are, quite simply, to die for. So, want to impress your friends? Now you know how. 

Canned Wine

If this sounds to your ears like a crime against good wine, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, this doesn’t alter the fact that canned wine is starting to take off here (the Americans, of course, have been drinking it for years). The idea for some drinks firms is to reduce waste by introducing cans which are recyclable and portable. So, if it still sounds like a step too far, to some a can of wine is perfect for a summer picnic or festival. Which does make a certain amount of sense, when you think about it. 

An Update

In 2013, glorious Penge in SE London got it’s first -for many years- ….Brewery!

Three years, 7 crafty boozers, over 400 batches of beer, and a lot of good times later, Late Knights has morphed…both in to the ether (was it just a mirage??!) and also into an exciting new phase.
It’s been a riot. What we loved the most was creating things that weren’t there before, be it jobs, beer or bustling vibes to empty spaces. We transformed an old slaughter house into a Brewery kicking out 100 casks a week and turned three empty bookies and three unused pubs into places where people could leave their house, drink tasty beer and chat to neighbours they didn’t know they had.

We dreamt up the big ideas and set the wheels turning but couldn’t have got anywhere without the brilliant people we found to work with….or who found us.  We loved involving young people especially because of their enthusiasm, caring and fresh perspectives, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who made LK such a brilliant time.  In return we hope to have given people support on the way to some really awesome places…be it running their own craft bars and vegan cafes, breweries or soda enterprises! We’re so proud of what people have gone on to do.

Community has always been the name of our game, bringing people together in the way that good friendly beer and good local pubs always have done. We’ll really miss all the incredible people we’ve met through the web of craft beer, both around the city and outside our front door, but we’re moving back to our natural habitat of the Sussex countryside to a space where we can really spread our wings.

We are now creating a brewery down on the farm that has the opportunity not only to become sustainable and regenerative environmentally, but to grow and experiment with our raw ingredients. …..quince ruby ale anyone?!?
We’re pub people too, so this of course is part of the plan, and as usual, to do as many different and exciting collaborations as we can.

So- onwards! Holler Boys Brewery is here.